Dismiss Unsupported Browser Popover

It would be superamazinglyubercool if I didn’t have to pop open a debugger to delete the “Sorry this browser is not supported” modal in not-Chrome.

Please add an “I know it’s broken and I don’t care; just show me the view you’re teasing me with” link in a non-obvious place so it doesn’t confuse people by showing broken code, but allows folks who are willing to put up with a little alpha-ish wackyness to find the answer to “Whose thesis did I read again today?” while writing an email on a phone.

Having fired up adb and delete offending dom, I see why the mobile view is “coming soon”. Looking promising!

In the mean time, I’d still like to be able to scroll through the results you’re rendering behind the modal (such a tease!), and use the search function that’s clearly working (great job!).

Think a tiny little itsy bitsy “dismiss modal” is doable?


Sorry Alec, I can understand that this can be frustrating.

But there is a reason why we hide this behind the window. It’s not just alpha it was just a quick experiment that actually will never be released. The code has not been touched for a very long time, basically since we decided not to go forward with this and focus on our efforts on the native apps instead.

At the moment I can’t even tell you if you can break things by using it. Also my experience is that alpha/beta is not a concept understood by everyone and giving access to this version definitely would create support tickets and probably brand damage when people think this is our mobile strategy.

We will release private alphas/betas of our mobile apps because then actually feedback is useful and not a support nightmare.

Just stick around on this forum, you won’t miss it. Thanks for your patience :wink:


A read-only view in unsupported browsers would be great.