Do not force installing Chrome extension

Do not force installing Chrome extension upon logging in when extension is not installed or browser is in incognito mode.

Sometimes people need to log in to an account from a guest computer or in incognito modem (for example, when needing to use two paperpile accounts at the same time). Currently, a prompt window pops up that cannot be closed until extension is installed.

Please have an option of discarding / closing the prompt window.


At the moment Paperpile only works with the Chrome extension. We have plans offering a basic version that works without the extension and in other browsers. But for now the extension is not optional but required.

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However, this feature would be really useful for Android and iOS users that are not included in the beta and need to use Paperpile from their devices.

Really, cross-platform portability, Word integration and auto-complete author names and journals (to ensure consistency) are the three features that prevent Paperpile to be the best app out there