Do other Paperpile users find they get directed to a captcha screen when searching Google Scholar?

I have no idea if there is any reason that Paperpile would have anything to do with this, but I find that whenever I search Google Scholar (not other Google searches) I get directed to a CAPTCHA screen. Just wondering if there might be a connection? Anyone else experiencing this?

It’s not unlikely that there is a connection. Also if you do many web lookups in the Google Docs plugin you might hit Google Scholar more often than they like.

I wish Google would allow apps like Paperpile to register so that they don’t treat such queries as malware… It wouldn’t be so bad except it always takes me 2 or 3 tries to pass the CAPTCHA. I must not be a human…

@Kerim It’s very likely to happen when you “Select all” and then “auto-update”.

When Google detects automatic traffic, it puts up the CAPTCHA:

I rarely run auto-update, and never on “select all” (I always run filters first), but this problem is quite persistent. I think having PP open in one of my tabs makes the problem worse, but I maybe that is just my imagination?