DOI missing when exporting Bibtex library

Hej Forum,
I need it to export my library to bibtex, however I the exported file is missing the DOI!!! How can I exported along with the other fields?

I assume you have checked the option “Include identifiers (doi, pmid)” in “Settings > BibTex”, right?

Yes I did! My workaround was to export as RIS and then the DOIs come ok. Then, Imported the RIS in Mendeley to exported back to bibtex. Kind of an extra effort.

I just tested with my account, and it looks okay for me:

title       = "A dimeric structure for archaeal box {C/D} small
author      = "Bleichert, Franziska and Gagnon, Keith T and Brown, 2nd,
              Bernard A and Maxwell, E Stuart and Leschziner, Andres E and
              Unger, Vinzenz M and Baserga, Susan J",
affiliation = "Department of Genetics, Yale University School of Medicine,
              New Haven, CT 06520, USA.",
abstract    = "Methylation of ribosomal RNA (rRNA) is required for optimal
              protein synthesis. Multiple 2'-O-ribose methylations are
              carried out by box C/D guide ribonucleoproteins [small
              ribonucleoproteins (sRNPs) and small nucleolar
              ribonucleoproteins (snoRNPs)], which are conserved from
              archaea to eukaryotes. Methylation is dictated by base pairing
              between the specific guide RNA component of the sRNP or snoRNP
              and the target rRNA. We determined the structure of a
              reconstituted and catalytically active box C/D sRNP from the
              archaeon Methanocaldococcus jannaschii by single-particle
              electron microscopy. We found that archaeal box C/D sRNPs
              unexpectedly formed a dimeric structure with an alternative
              organization of their RNA and protein components that
              challenges the conventional view of their architecture.
              Mutational analysis demonstrated that this di-sRNP structure
              was relevant for the enzymatic function of archaeal box C/D
journal     = "Science",
volume      =  325,
number      =  5946,
pages       = "1384--1387",
month       =  "11~" # sep,
year        =  2009,
issn        = "0036-8075, 1095-9203",
pmid        = "19745151",
doi         = "10.1126/science.1176099",
pmc         = "PMC2975540"

I also tried and DOIs get exported for me.

@Jobel, there are a few ways to export BibTeX from Paperpile. How did you try to export?

Facing the same issue here using the export feature in “Workflows and Integration”.

Please add both, doi and URL

@Moritz_Schafer The option to include DOI and URL fields in BibTeX files and citations can be set by going to Settings > BibTeX, and checking the required boxes.

Selecting these will carry over to the Workflows and Integrations export.

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Amazing. Thank you for the clarification!

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