[Done] Better sharing (private/public)

I like Paperpile’s sharing interface, but it is not good for public sharing (e.g. on Twitter). When the landing page includes a link to the PDF, the sharer (me) would likely be breaking the law due to copyright.

It would be good if, when sharing (e.g. from the PDF viewer), there was an option to share either privately or publicly; the result being the same except for the inclusion of a PDF link. This option would be best for directing traffic to Paperpile, of course.

Alternatively an option to simply “share DOI link” or “share website link” would be useful. This would also be better in that tweets etc would be included in paper’s altmetrics. This option wouldn’t direct people to Paperpile, but a “via @pprpile” could be added to tweets.


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Yes this makes sense. We have some protection in place if somebody shares a private link publicly the PDF download will expire if too many people are downloading the file.

However, if you want to explicitly share it publicly there should be a way to remove the links in the first place.

We also thought about adding links to share papers on social sites. Some users have asked for it but we are still not completely convinced if it would be a major use case.


Thanks, @stefan

I share a lot of papers on Twitter, but for now I rarely do this via Paperpile. Personally I’m satisfied with the ‘copy link’ option. I think most people’s own extensions and apps preclude the need for specific network links.

We’ve now added sharing on social sites (Share > Social).

It shares the doi or URL if it is a single reference and a paperpile link if you select multiple. It never includes any PDF links so it’s safe to share. It also can be invoke via ‘Shift-T’

Hope you like it. Thanks for the discussion.


This is great! Thanks!