Double click should complete inserting citation

Whenever I am inserting a citation, I type an author’s name and a year and get a list of papers. I find the paper I want, and double click on it. Paperpile then leaves me very confused in a seemingly random place in my document without adding the citation. Every other application I can think of treats double click to mean “select this and do it”. It is confusing and inconvenient that Paperpile does not. Please have double click insert the citation.

Thanks for the input, Irwin. Double clicking is not feasible in our current citation structure. As an alternative, I would suggest hitting the Enter key twice - this should result in adding the citation without moving from that spot in your document. Since our tool is meant to be used while writing, it is designed so your hands don’t have to leave the keyboard at all. Hope this was helpful!

When I Insert Citation, either from the menu or using command-shift-P, the dialog box comes up to enter keywords, but focus does not shift to the dialog box, so I have to take my hands off the keyboard and click in the search field. How can I do this without taking my hands off the keyboard? Tab doesn’t work, nor Shift-Tab, or arrow keys. (I am using Chrom on a Mac.)

@Irwin_Jungreis this is a recent bug which is on the team’s queue to address. I agree that it is an annoying disruption for a keyboard-only workflow. A fix shouldn’t take too much longer to be released; I’ve requested an update and will reach out again when I have more info.