Dozens of blank pages after bibliography?

First of all: thank you so much for Paperpile - in the course of writing my MSc thesis it has been invaluable.

Only snag so far, every time I format the bibliography, Paperpile adds around 10 blank pages to document (document length is around 100 pages). Not a massive problem - just a bit odd? Anyone had the same experience?

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That should be fixed by our latest update (extension version 1.0.170) which shipped on Saturday.

Can you try to remove all the extra space after the bibliography and observe if extra whitespace is still added?

Placed the cursor after the last character of the bibliography, reformatted and still added 7 blank pages. Double checked and I am on the latest version (1.0.170).

Can you try again now?

Also it would be interesting what happens if you add a line right after the bibliography (e.g. “Appendix”) if the whitespace gets added only if the bibliography is the last item in the document or every time even if there is other stuff after it.

Still doing it. Tried adding Appendices as a heading (at the same level as References) and it still added the extra pages, and weirdly added an extra page after the Appendices heading?!

Having the same issue - around 7-10 pages are added regardless of whether or not there is text after the References section.

I still can’t reproduce. Does it do it for every document or is there something special about that where you see that behaviour.

I observe the same problem.

I was about to fix that but I had to give up because I simply can’t reproduce. Can anyone who observed this help with more information:

  • Which citation style to you use
  • What are the blank pages made of? Are these single “page breaks” or are the empty pages full of empty lines? If you click arrow down it would jump from page to page in the former case and it would jump from line to line in the latter.
  • Can anyone create a minimal example and share with or if one of your real documents are not too sensitive share that.


The problem should be fixed in the latest update: