Dropping connection to Paperpile: automatically logging out of account

I have migrated my Paperpile account from one Google account to another. Now I constantly lose connection to my Paperpile account (typically in under 5 minutes) with error messages such as “Whoops — could not access your Paperpile library. You may be logged out.”

Although frequent, I have yet to determine what triggers the problem, but I assume it is somehow caused by the fact that I now have two Paperpile accounts?

I have synched Chrome to the new (i.e. primary) Google Account, to try and avoid losing connection, but this has not resolved the problem.

You can’t use two Paperpile accounts in the same Chrome profile. You need to log out from one. There might be a cookie confusion. Perhaps you want to clean up the cookies for the paperpile.com page and sign in again fresh with the account you want to use.

Please don’t delete your account as this can be problematic if there is really a cookie confusion. Also if the error persists and you have not done yet, contact support and our team will look into it as soon as possible.