Easy way to use [square brackets] for citations?

None of the builtin styles seem to support [citations like this] unless I’ve missed something?



Actually, there are many styles with brackets. The most popular probably Vancouver:

Thanks! I was thinking that the list of popular styles was the whole list. A bit of searching took me to Karger which does [author date] as I was looking for (Vancouver/brackets is (author date)).

Incidentally, I don’t seem to be able to get that dropdown in your image? How do I trigger that?

Great tool btw, thanks!


To get this particular screen, you need to install our new (and still beta) sidebar add-on:


ok, thanks for your help!

Noticed Vancouver style in Paperpile is using curved brackets for the citations rather than square brackets. Elsevier citation style uses square brackets.

Welcome to our forum, @Michael_Hogarth! There are quite a few different versions of Vancouver available in Paperpile, many of which use brackets (including Elsevier - Vancouver)