Edge based on chrome & Paperpile Addon

Any chance of getting paperpile work with Microsoft Edge since they have come out with chrome based edge?

We haven’t done a thorough assessment so we do not know when we will be able to officially support it, but a quick test on the latest development build yesterday did not reveal any obvious errors. The extension installed from the chrome extension store and appeared to function as expected.

The brave among you may want to give it a try. If you do, let us know of any problems you run into.

I use Paperpile on Opera and it also just works out of the box with the current Dev preview of the Chromium based Edge Browser. Edge even allows you to install Chrome extensions from the Chrome store without an additional extensions like Opera does. So you’ll just be prompted to install the Paperpile extension, you confirm to allows installation of extensions from outside the MS store and there you go.

I was able to download the Chrome Extension for Paperpile in Microsoft Edge easily enough; however, I’m not sure how to use it in MS Edge when writing a paper and citing references. I previously used this in Google Docs, but our workplace now blocks all google products, so I was hoping I could still use Paperpile in OneDrive with Edge as the browser. The P icon shows up in the upper right corner of screen, but I lack the “Paperpile” in menu bar at top of screen.

Welcome to our forum, @Kelly_Goonan! Thanks for reaching out here as well. As I mentioned via email, you might be able to use our optional sidebar add-on as an alternative to cite in Docs - if the blockage excludes add-ons. Using OneDrive or other storage providers is not possible at the moment, but the request has come up before so I’ve added your +1 to the topic on our internal tracker.

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Hi @jason the extension only works if we use Google’s search engine. I feel the team need to add support for other search engine like Bing. Many ppl now are picking Bing, for example myself. I hope the team really consider making it work on Bing searched results.