Edit bibtex type field

‘type’ is an optional field in the bibtex ‘techreport’ entry but I cannot find which paperpile field maps to this.

I have used this field to specify the type of report (e.g., Staff Working Paper) when generating bib files manually or using mendeley but I cannot seem to do this with Paperpile.

I have tried ‘Custom sub-type’ but this doesn’t seem to map to anything.

Help appreciated!

@jswar Welcome to the forum, and thanks for your message. I’ve reported the issue of the BibTeX type field not being mapped to a Paperpile field for the techreport BibTeX entry to the team.

After exporting the BibTeX to a .bib file or copying the BibTeX of a technical report to the clipboard, the workaround for now is to manually edit the BibTeX reference to include the ‘type’ field.

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Thanks a lot

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