Edit Co-Author's citations

Firstly, the more I use Paperpile, the more I am impressed with it. I do have a question that I was unable to find an answer to. I am currently working on a collaborative paper in Gdocs/Paperpile. I was wondering if/what the easiest way to edit the co-author’s Paperpile citation. I understand that each Paperpile citation link is unique to each author’s library, which is helpful for exporting and re-importing papers in different formats (a feature I have already found super useful). However, even if I use a different Google account to edit my paper (same Paperpile account), I cannot edit the original citation made by another Google account. Is there a way to sync all citations/references from a document so that the references are identical across co-author’s libraries?

EDIT: My co-author did not renew their subscription, making them unable to edit. So I guess my corollary question is: Do I have to edit the Gdoc under the same account associated with Paperpile? I have a school & personal account set up on separate computers.

Actually everyone can edit everyone’s citation in a Google Document. There is no Paperpile account required. The Google Document has its own copy of the reference (the main reason is that if someone deletes a reference from her/his library the document should not break).

I’m not sure if there is still a question as you seem have to marked the question as resolved. Let me know if you want to know more about the sharing model when writing collaborative Google Docs.

Sorry for the confusion. Let’s say I sign into Paperpile using Google account A, and sign into Google Docs with Google account B. I cannot add/remove references to a specific citation, it merely provides me with a Gdoc in-text link. Is this how Paperpile is intended to work?

Whenever the Paperpile Chrome extension is activated in your current Chrome profile you should be able to edit a citation no matter of what account you are using. If this is not the case try restarting the extension.

You cannot format citations in that scenario though because of security issues. For that to work you always need to be logged in with the same Google Account in Paperpile and Google Docs. The only workaround there if you are using Paperpile with account A and you want to edit a Google doc from account B is to share the document with your account A.

Restarting the extension seems to work, but only if I sign into chrome with the account [A] associated with Paperpile. If I sign into chrome and docs with account B; Paperpile with account A, I cannot edit the citations. However, if I do chrome & Paperpile [A], and docs [B], that works. Thanks for all your help & the quick response.