Edit in-text citation permanently

Hi. Paperpile looks greats, but to use it, I would need to be able to write sentences like this: “Dror (1964) is skeptical there really is a science to muddling through.”

At present, Paperpile appears to demand that this sentence be written as: “Dror (Dror 1964) is skeptical…” This, of course, does not follow standard formatting. Is there anyway to change this behaviour?

Click the blue bubble to reveal the citation options, including the option to suppress the author.


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feature request, Jason. Include another option - in addition to the suppress author option (resulting in the text “(1973)”), include an option that results in the text “Granovetter (1973)”. The current option (suppress author) causes a bit of extra typing (author name) that is really unnecessary (since PP already knows the author name). It would be delightful to have that option, and should not be too hard to implement! You could call it - Author’s name as part of narrative:

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Cheers, thanks everyone! Looks like I’ll have to cough up $3 a month for this solid software then.