Editing existing paperpile links is problematic

Dear Paperpile team,

I have started another paper in google docs and the paperpile plugin has acquired some unhelpful characteristics. In the previous iteration of the plugin, it was possible to edit existing paperpile links (add or delete citations) very easily. However, in the current iteration, this functionality is lost. This is what happens: When you click on an existing citation, a popup with the citation link, “Change” and “Remove” comes up:

When you click on “Change”, instead of allowing me to delete or add individual citations, this unhelpful box turns up:

Here, you can either change the text or the combined link. This is unhelpful, because you basically have to add all of the citations again and cannot just add to or subtract from the citations already in place. It wastes a massive amount of time while editing. Please please bring the old citation editing interface back! This is driving me nuts as I am in my nth iteration of this paper.

Okay, hardly 10 minutes after I posted this problem, you seem to have fixed it. I am back to my original citation editing interface!

A million thanks for such a super speedy response!

If that happens, it might help to reload the Google Doc and or reload the Paperpile Chrome extension: