Editing references in paperpile but not saving

I’m trying to edit a website reference I have saved in my paperpile library.

The reference type is website and I want the DOI displayed as a URL which I have in the URL field. However, the reference also has some additional fields: abstract, publisher, DOI. I want to remove all three since the DOI gets printed as a website URL (which I want) and also as a DOI which I do not want. When I remove those additional fields by clicking the additional fields button and un-checking each field I do not want, and then click save, the changes are not saved, nor are they propogated to the google doc I’m working on.

FWIW, I also tried making the changes “locally” within the google doc from the “view all references” button of the paperpile plugin and the changes don’t save there either.

Welcome to our forum, @rco! Have you also tried deleting the reference (both the in-text citation and from “View all references”) and re-adding it? If the issue persists, could you share the actual reference from your library so we can try to reproduce? If you select the item and hit Shift-S or Get Link, you may paste the resulting URL here (or send via chat/email - support@paperpile.com).