Editing text style crashing on iPad OS

I’ve run into a bit of an issue with the iPad app, when I try and edit the style of a text box, the app frequently crashes. I’ve found that:

  • tapping the current font to open the font menu always crashes
  • changing size sometimes crashes
  • changing colours sometimes crashes

This only happens if I tap an existing text box and open the edit pop up. Using the controls that appear above the keyboard are always fine seemingly. I’ve had this on two different PDFs now so I don’t think it’s specific to an individual paper.

I’m on the latest app version.

@freddyheppell Thank you for the report; we haven’t yet been able to reproduce the issue. If it is not too much trouble, could you send us a PDF with a text-box where it is reproduced in a stable way? Please share it here, or contact us via chat or email (support@paperpile.com).