Eink tablets and PP

I’ve just bought a Boox eink tablet. New devices released today. Running Android 11. These look fabulous devices. But wondering if anyone has tried paperpile on an eink tablet? Devs, I assume you haven’t optimised it for eink devices?

Welcome to our forum! You are correct - our viewer has not yet been optimized for e-ink devices or advanced stylus features, but the matter is on our radar as it has been brought up by other users here on the forum and via other channels as well. Adding your feedback to the topic on our tracker.

I use the paperpile android client on an onyx boox Note Air (as well as on a samsung tablet).

It works “ok”. For some applications it is necessary to tweak how things are rendered. I turned off “whiten apps background”, and did something with “disable enhance font color”.

The paperpile android app is a bit buggy on both samsung and on the e-ink, it crashes frequently when switching to/from the app, and annotations disappear sometimes. It is no worse on the e-ink than on the samsung.

The e-ink device is good for reading, and only that. Switching pages is quite slow, so web surfing is frustrating. In my case (reading scientific papers), going to the end of a paper to check a reference and then come back is annoying. But I like that it is easy to read outdoors, even when wearing sunglasses, and the screen is big enough to show math subscripts without extensive scrolling/zoom.

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