Email to paperpile

It would be really nice if each paperpile user could have a email to forward a pdf or a reference link and that it would end as a new reference in paperpile. Or some other features that could be used with IFTTT.

I use some apps that have this feature, like evernote, omnifocus, pocket or instapaper. It is a killer feature and would solve some workflows that no other ref manager could.

Some examples:

  • I have some journals rss or pubmed saved searches that I read in reeder. I can star then and they are sent to pocket or to evernote. Imagine if I could star it and send it automatically to paperpile!
  • We usually receive some papers on email. Imagine if I could forward that email to paperpile and the pdfs were automatically saved there!
  • If I’m reading or searchin something in the ios browser I can save that page on the “reading list” of safari or send the link do pocket/instapaper. Imagine if I could save the article page or the pdf automatically to paperpile through iOS. It would be nice!

Congratulations for the ideas and workflows on paperpile. It is really well executed and planned. It seems you are really users of the app (unlike several other competitors…)


With the email workflow, it would be really cool to have some features like evernote, that allow us to include @tags or #notebooks (or folders in paperpile) in the email title and it automatically fills this metadata in evernote.


I agree, this would be my top feature request. If email to Paperpile worked with urls it would be amazingly useful. I find most new papers via twitter recommendations. I would love an option to email Tweet to Paperpile and have the paper extracted to my library. I hadn’t thought of integration with IFTTT but that would be amazingly powerful too in lots of situations.

Dave, when you first suggested it I was unsure about the use case. But after @mgracitelli’s post we started discussing the feature internally and it turned out that we like it a lot. Actually the few examples @mgracitelli gave are just the tip of the iceberg what’s possible. So it’s definitely planned to be implemented.

With IFTTT for example you could set up a recipe that every Twitter post you favourite will be sent to Paperpile and scanned for papers.


I think this would be great if it was kept simple. The most useful use case I can image (at least for myself) is when I need to send a URL (pubmed, elsevier, etc) to paperpile from my mobile.


As said before we are discussing this feature internally, and it would be good to know which use cases Paperpile users have in mind. Top listed are e-mail alerts from Google Scholar, PubMed, and Research Gate. Would be nice to collect some more ideas!


It is hard to imagine without knowing the full roadmap for Paperpile, but sending PDF annotations to Evernote would be something I would be interested in if it were possible, as that is where all my reading notes are saved now. It would also be useful for me if IFTTT were able to see when a specific tag or folder had a new item added to it and could act on it, by (for instance) bookmarking the journal article in Pinboard, or sending an email to a collaborator, sending out a tweet, etc.

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Yes having Scholar alerts come into an incoming folder in paperpile would be great, espc if we could collate references coming from multiple sources.

I would love it if I could have paperpile watch some of my mailing lists for references and get them automatically.

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For me the most common use case is when people send me papers as PDF attachments in emails. I would love to be able to add those to Paperpile without leaving Gmail.

Keep the good work coming guys!


+1 This is exactly what I was searching, hope its coming soon!