Embolden and italicize journal names in citations

Dear All,
Is there a format in which the journal names in citations are emboldened and italicized?



Welcome to the forum @Xiao_Lei! Generally, journal titles are either emboldened or italicised in citation styles, not both. I don’t know of a citation style where the journal title is both emboldened and italicised.

A workaround is to modify an existing citation style to embolden and italicize journal titles. We get our citation styles from the Citation Style Repository (CSL). You can search for a citation style there that closely matches the one you need. You can directly edit citation style using the CSL online editor. Once you’ve customized the CSL file, you can upload it to Paperpile through Settings > Citation styles. This will make the custom style available for use in both Google Docs and Word.

Hi, Suzanne, can you use html code to bold or italicize text (e.g. )?

Hi, Suzanne,
I see. Thank you!

You can use html tags to embolden and italicize text in the Title field, but not in the Journal field, @Bruce_Borkosky. The style of the journal title is determined by the selected citation style.