Enable Markdown for Notes


while we are waiting for the fully implemented pdf reader with annotations and other great things, would it be possible to enable markdown rendering of the notes that are associated with articles? The current way notes can be added is not too bad for making some very basic bulletpoints but it would be a lot easier to add richer information like summaries or even some ideas if it was possible to use markdown for highlighting, structuring and the likes.



Once the new pdf reader with notes and highlight is stable and integrated we will address the currently quite limited note taking capabilities in Paperpile. Markdown is definitely something we have thought about to include.


this is a reminder that this is still an important feature.:wink:

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Thanks. It’s still on the roadmap.

Thanks and hoping to have option for markdown format for notes, preferably with enabling support for tags and linking other articles [@Foo et al.] within notes. Lately, I am hooked to note taking using Zettelkasten approach (using zettlr notes). Since I use paperpile for all of my notes, I think I can repurpose Paperpile for Zettelkasten style note-taking and link all of my paperpile articles and embedded notes via paperpile tags.

Thanks for pinging this old thread, @sbamin. We should have some good news on this front soon; our web app’s Notes are part of extensive rewrites the team has been working on. After a big initial update of our UI and extension, we’ll be able to implement things like this more easily.