Enabling "Speak" for voice dictation in scrolling mode for iPad

When reading a pdf on iPad, the text to speech option via the “speak” button is only available when the text is annotated. In the scrolling mode, selecting the text doesn’t do any thing, not even allow the copying of the text. Is it possible to enable the text to speech option for the selected text in scrolling mode? I’d also prefer to use the built-in default pdf reader for iPad rather than the Paperpile annotator, is that possible? Thanks!

Thanks for the query @Amr_Sharaf, and welcome to our forum! Indeed, copying and other text-selecting actions are not currently enabled on our mobile viewer, which is likely also affecting the text-to-speech function.

We do intend to support copying and the like in future releases, which could potentially address this limitation as well. Could I trouble you to send a screenshot or a more detailed explanation of the “speak” button you’re referring to, just to make sure we’re on the same page?

The mobile app does not currently support opening in other readers, but we do sync annotations in both directions from Google Drive. This means that you could open your files from Drive in your preferred mobile reader and annotations/highlights would show up in Paperpile (as long as your reader uses ISO-conforming annotations). Either way, I’m adding your +1 to the request on our internal tracker for the team to consider.

Thank you so much for looking into this. Here is the screen shot for the “speak” button I’m referring to.