ETA for annotations export feature?


Is there an update regarding the PDF viewer with annotations? The option to export annotations has been under development for months now without any indication of when it will be done. I can’t find any information on the forum about it except an older thread here: PDF annotations are in beta. Please read this first. But that thread refers to the first release apparently.


Sorry there is no new ETA for that. It has not been under development for months, we just been working on consolidating the notes between mobile and web. Only when that is done it makes sense to spend time on downstream features like the export.

In the meantime: Can you download the PDF and open with any other PDF viewer? I assume there are some that can export annotations in different formats.


I just talked to @jason. He told me it’s a frequently requested feature also during private support conversations. I’m very happy about that (it’s not great if you remove a feature and nobody complains…)

We do our best to bring it back and have increased it’s priority in our own feature/bug tracking system.


The annotation export was actually one of the big draws for me. Being able to style with Markdown and export into an actually nice document is unique, so I’m eagerly awaiting its re-release as well.

It would also be great to be able to download annotations for a given PDF as JSON.


Same here. Hope the export feature can be brought back ASAP.


+1 for adding this feature sooner rather than later… Thanks!


+1 this would be very useful to my workflow.