Evernote Integration

A lot of people use Evernote for their research. Perhaps an integration that could pull a specific notebook (collection of notes) or tag in order to cut down on data entry. For example, all my notes have the paper name as the title (I’m not sure if that’s what other people do). Paperpile could import the note titles and use the paper search to automatically pull all the correct citation information.


I would definitely like to see some sort of integration with evernote as that is my primary deposit of papers etc.

While probably not the top of your list, Zapier integration could be quite cool. Imagine a use case in which when a new reference is added (or starred) a zap could trigger a task in Wunderlist or Teamwork or Asana, or notes are synced with Evernote. The list of integrations could go on.

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You’re right the possibilities with Zapier and IFTT (or whatever the call themselves now) are endless. Actually there must be a thread somewhere with a short discussion about it.

But you’re also right it’s not something on the top of our list. Unfortunately our roadmap is not prioritized how much fun a feature would be to implement and to play with. Otherwise, it would be on top of the list because I’d love to see that implemented.


is there any update on this? Evernote integration would be awesome! We generally take notes on talks in evernote and then like to link to relevant papers. Instead of linking to papers, would be great to link to something in our paperpile library.

Hello all. Has there been any movement on this feature request? I would be very keen to see one!

Not so far, I’m afraid. There have been a couple requests for it beyond this thread but we have not yet been in a position to consider developing in this direction. Regardless, I’ve added your +1 to the topic on our internal tracker :+1:t4:

I am really looking forward to this feature!!! Every time, I use evernote to design my experiment. It this case, I would need to add some references. If paperpile can be integrated into evernote. That would be so easy for me to do. Please do this feature, thank you.

Another +1 for the internal tracker!

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Another +1 for the internal tracker from me…

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