Expand fields/options for journals

  1. Allow a season to be entered in the publication date field. Some journals are still designated by “Spring,” “Summer,” “Winter,” “Fall.”
  2. Create separate types for online journals and print journals. Bibliographic entries for online journals require an access date, and that is not an option under add additional fields.

Excuse me if this feels like hijacking the thread, but I would like to add here, because it is a related suggestion, that the Edition field is quite important for books and would be nice to have in the main editing form (not in Additional fields).

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I would like to reiterate that the Date Accessed field is an important field, not just for online journals, but any item which can be accessed online. If we are able to put in a URL or DOI, we should have the option of including a Date Accessed field. Many styles require this field when accessing online resources.

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We will make available the “Date Accessed” field for all reference types in our next update. Right now it’s not available for reference types that have a publication date field like journals. I’ll post an update here once it’s live. Thanks for your patience.

With our latest update it’s possible to add the ‘Date accessed’ field for all reference types. You can add the field at any time and by default it will get initialized with the date when you have imported the item to your library.

We are currently working on implementing a “seasons” field for dates, and it should go live with one of the next releases of Paperpile.