Export All Annotations

Just wondering if there is a function to export all annotations/notes from all papers at once? Or does one have to open each one at a time?

It would be super useful to be able to do this quickly and into a csv format!


Thanks for the question, @Yilun_Zhang, and welcome to our forum! It doesn’t look like we’ve had this particular request to export annotations from several/all PDFs in bulk before, so I’m creating a new topic on our internal tracker for the team to consider. Not sure how feasible this would be to code, but +1s are welcome as usual.

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Great thanks @vicente ! It would be extremely convenient to have highlights or notes (or even tags?) exist in a different format that would be sync-able with Google Sheets, for example, to then allow for flexible and dynamic use of annotations for the purposes of insight generation or big picture thinking (or for the purposes of lit review)! Just some kind of back end database would be useful, but then again, one could just loop thru X # amount of mouse clicks to individually export each papers annotations into a JSON, CSV, etc… and then append but that would could take a while.

But I am loving Paperpile so far and have only run into this issue because I recently migrated all of my papers from a different application and am now kind of stuck in this limbo… but this would make Paperpile truly perfect! Thanks!


Yes, I would love if annotations were included in the JSON export.