Export all citations from specific google doc

Hi, I am trying to export all the references mentioned in a Gdoc in bibtex format. I encounter two issues. The first one is that if I export in .bib the DOI in not included. I have turned around this issue by exporting in RIS and then converting in BIB. The second issue which I cannot understand is that despite having 86 citations in my paper, I end up with 126 entries in the RIS file. I cannot understand where these references come from, as they are not mentioned in the Gdoc.


Hi Manfredo. For the second issue, please check the ‘View all references’ page accessible from the document.


The total number of references there might be 126, likely some duplicate or deleted citations which linger in this backend ‘library’. You can delete the extras from that same page. Let me know if that works.

For the first issue, you can actually toggle bibtex settings via the Paperpile homepage to include the DOI. Click your email on the top right corner > Settings > BibTeX.

Hi Vicente, I’ve tried the suggestion you gave Manfredo but was unable to successfully export my references to a .bib file containing DOIs. I adjusted my settings as suggested to tick the “include identifiers (doi, pmid)” box, but the exported file still contains no “doi” fields.

Welcome to our forum, @Benedict_Winchester! Are the DOIs present in each reference’s metadata? Did you insert citations from your library, or by searching online directly from the citation dialogue? If you’re able to share the document in question (or any document where you see this issue) I’d be happy to try reproducing on my end.