Export annotations in iOS app

I’m new to Paperpile and enjoy it a lot so far. In my current workflow, I read papers on my iPad and then export the annotations to my personal knowledge system in Obsidian. However, I experienced some difficulties when trying to do this with Paperpile. First, I cannot find a way to export the annotations using the iOS app. Second, when I open the annotated paper on my desktop computer, the annotations do not appear. Is this a syncing issue or is that to be expected? and is is possible to export annotations directly on iOS?

Thank you for your help!

Welcome to our forum, @joebathelt! Glad to read you’re enjoying Paperpile. It is not currently possible to export annotations from the mobile app like on web, but the feature is on our list - we intend to eventually align all our features across platforms. I’ve added your +1 on our tracker to boost the topic’s priority.

As for the syncing issue, it is not expected. Annotations should be synced instantaneously between web and mobile; please let us know if that’s still not the case for you.