Export as embeddable html

I really would love to be able to get some embeddable code from e.g. a label or folder to paste into a webpage (e.g. blog post, educational website, online academic essay etc) which gets the content from my up to date database on paper pile. So I’d like a blog post to show all references to a label, e.g. “temperature response” which are currently in my paper pile and update when I update that (possibly only after reloading page, no need for pushing additions…). Would this be possible?

I I am not mistaken, this would not be terribly difficult to make, no?

No replies? may be I was to fuzzy. assume I have a label on my references. I would like to rightclick on that label in paperpile, and get a export as html.

This could give me a code snippet (could even include a link to a javascriptlibrary) such that when inserted into my own webpage such as a blog, I get a reference list of all those references with this label. should be possible I think?