Export Bibtex (or other)

[1] At the moment, exporting my entire library to a bibtex file requires 5 clicks. Can you please add a button or menu-item that achieves it in 2 or fewer clicks?

[2] Even better: could you add the option of always keeping a synchronised bibtex file in the google doc folder?

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Just to add to this: quite often when writing a paper or grant in latex, I will continue to add references to the paperpile library, which requires that I keep exporting the .bib file several times in a writing session. Just over the past 2 hours I exported the .bib file 4 times. This is what makes it so annoying for me. I’m suprised nobody else uses this workflow.

If I’m writing in RMarkdown, I’ve had to do this too. The idea has been floated elsewhere for Paperpile to generate a .bib file, have it synced with Google Drive, and constantly update it. I’m hoping to see that implemented.

Currently, the best way to update a bibtex file you are using is to use the keyboard shortcut to copy the bibtex entries for the papers: Select the new references, press Ctrl/Cmd + B, and then paste those entries in the .bib file.

You can also export the .bib file of a folder or label with fewer clicks: Hover over the label and use the dropdown/triangle menu: Export --> BibTeX.

We have plans for improving the workflow of latex users, but are still working on larger changes which we want to finish.

Thank you, this is at least a small improvement. How about adding that option to “All Papers” as well.

Thanks. I’ve done that too in a couple of instances, and it’s not too bad, you’re right.

We should have some news about automatic BibTeX exports relatively soon. In the meantime, we have put together a small survey to better understand the use cases and workflows for LaTeX users: