Exporting from Refworks

I have a Refworks account with my university and there are a number of references I’d like to export to Paperpile, with comments, quotes etc. in the notes. When I export from Refworks (using either BibTeX or Bibliographic Software options) and import it to Paperpile nothing copies. Nothing happens if I try to do it manually either. Maybe I’m missing something

Usually a RIS file works best. Can you export a RIS file and then import that with “Add papers > Upload files”.

If that does not pull in the papers, can you post the message here and send the RIS file to andreas@paperpile.com, so we can find out what’s going on.

I’ve checked your account and think I know the problem. I’ve contacted you by email with details.

Hello! I’ve encountered the same problem. Would you be able to help? thank you.

Please contact us in the support chat and attach your bib/ris file.