Exporting records in RIS format

I’d be really interested to be able to export my stuff to RIS format so I can use it in another program.

Please go to Settings > Export to export your complete library to RIS. Alternatively you can export individual folders and labels:

Can we have the ability to export RIS format for individual papers also?

I usually keep all my work organized in Paperpile but recently was using Endnote and Word for my latest paper. I had a snapshot of all my current library in Endnote - thanks to the RIS export feature. However, while writing the paper I was frustrated when I needed to cite new papers added to Paperpile but which was not in Endnote. I had to search each new paper in Google Scholar and export the Endnote file from there.

We actually thought about that mainly because we have a button for BibTeX it feels natural to also have one for RIS. But we could not come up with any user case where this would make sense except your use case.

And this use case will be obsolete very soon with our own Word plugin.

Not really. I’m currently maintaining two different bibliography databases for various reasons. How hard is it to add a RIS export feature for individual references?