Extension crashes with too many PDF tabs open


When I open too many tabs (>40) with the PDF viewer (with annotations), Paperpile’s Chrome extension crashes. If I close a few tabs and reload the extension, Paperpile comes back to normal.

However, I cannot simply reload the dead open tabs to see the PDFs again. If I reload with CTRL+R I only get the viewer with no PDF. It seems that the viewer does not know/remembers which file was opened before the crash. To see the file again I have to search and re-open it through the Paperpile interface.

This is on Chromium Version 50.0.2661.102 Ubuntu 14.04 (64-bit).


Please don’t open so many tabs. Chrome just runs out of memory I guess.

Showing a PDF on a website takes memory and does not scale infinitely. I would guess you also run into some sort of trouble if you open 40 PDFs in Acrobat.

It could be something different, but you can easily check the memory Chrome uses when you open so many PDFs.

I also know this problem from Readcube’s webapp, happens on Chrome and Opera, still persists.

I mainly run into it when I open a fancy 300 page Phd thesis with tons of pics or ebooks.

It would be nice to find a hack to allow Chrome to allocate more RAM, because I have 16GB on this machine and 32GB on another and I find it hard to believe that it runs out of memory like this. The task manager shows ~ 800MB of memory use only.