Extension for Safari

Hi I signed up by your link and then received this link via email. While it is indeed beta, it doesn’t provide any safari supporting. Did I miss anything here?

The beta that @suzanne is referring to is the new version of the web interface that does indeed load in safari with limited functionality until the safari extension is available.

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With the new announcements from Apple yesterday at WWDC about further Safari enhancements, I am looking forward to ditching Chrome for good.

Any news on being able to use Safari for paperpile with full functionality?

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4 weeks later I guess the answer is no news? Can you all give us a hint? e.g. 2023? 2024? perhaps never?

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I fear it’s not looking like anytime soon.

Would love a safari version, paperpile is the only thing keeping me on chrome.
Happy to beta test!

The extension has been submitted to Apple a couple times already but they have required adjustments. The review process takes a bit but if this next submittal is approved, we should be ready for release within the next couple weeks :crossed_fingers:t4:


Thanks. We really need this one.

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Very exciting! Thanks for the update and the hard work!

Brilliant news! Does this mean the support for other word processors like Apple Pages is also coming soon? Thanks for your hard work!

Hi Vicente! Any updates from Apple?

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Any news? I’ve been eagerly waiting for the extension.

I’m pleased to announce we have began the initial phase of Safari extension testing, with a small group of users (some of you that have contributed to this thread have been contacted by us and by Apple via email already).

Our beta Safari extension only works in the new Paperpile. If you would like to be added to the next phase of testing, first make sure to sign up for the new Paperpile here. Once you have signed up, please activate the new Paperpile in Chrome by going to Settings > Feature Preview, wait for the sync to finish, and then open the new Paperpile web app in Safari. Go to Settings > Browser Extension to request access to the private beta.

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MacOS desktop only yes? (i.e. not on Safari / iPadOS yet?)

@plg That’s right, the web app and extension are available to test on MacOS only.

open the new Paperpile web app in Safari

How? I cannot open paperpile from signin in https://paperpile.com, nor can I get it from safari extension via app store. @suzanne

@yifeili Thanks for your question. After activating the new Paperpile in Chrome, copy and paste app.paperpile.com/my-library/all in your Safari address bar to open the new web app.

With macOS Sonoma’s new “Add to Dock” feature in Safari that creates a new “standalone” App for websites, there’s endless opportunity for Paperpile as a web-based application. I look forward to using Paperpile in this mode and have it in my dock to readily open when I need it (see right of screenshot)

Sadly, can’t run extensions in add to dock mode.

Hi, would you please so kind to share how to do this? My Mac runs Sonoma too, but I do not know how this new function works. Many thanks in advance :slightly_smiling_face: