Feature request: fixed ordering of Labels by alphabet

I’ve begun using Paperpile recently and have created about 40 labels to tag my papers with. The labels have some internal grouping (e.g. 15 of the labels are related to Visualisation concepts, while 20 are related to Security concepts), but once I started actually tagging papers, it pushes more frequently used labels up the list which messes up the tidy alphabet-sorted list.

I hope in the near future, labels shown on the left column of the interface can be optionally sorted by alphabet regardless of how frequently each label is used. I’ve included below an example of how I want to see my labels sorted:

  • [SEC]Email Analysis (0)
  • [SEC]Malware Analysis (6)
  • [SEC]Network Traffic (2)
  • [SEC]PCAP Analysis (4)
  • [SEC]Systems (1)
  • [SEC]Triage methods (10)
  • [SEC]Vulnerability Analysis (17)
  • [VIS]Bar Charts (59)
  • [VIS]Correlation Plots (12)
  • [VIS]Interfaces (102)
  • [VIS]Multi-level (4)
  • [VIS]Parallel Coordinates (8)
  • [VIS]Scatter Plots (15)
  • [VIS]User Studies (21)

Please use the “Sort menu” which allows you to sort your labels alphabetically:

Can I extend this question to the ordering of labels in the “Add/remove labels” drop down:

I can’t work out what order they come up in - it doesn’t appear to be alphabetical / most used / most recently used - and I wondered if there is a way to set it.


Thanks, I didn’t notice this option before. Guess I was thinking the list sorting option would appear at the top next to the plus button.

Yes this would have been the more obvious place to put the menu but there is no room for it.