Feature requests on iOS, Mac, and Word

Dear Paperpile staff,

I’ve been using beta version on iOS, Mac and Word extension for a while now and I’ve been really satisfied. I do have some requests as a beta user for future improvement.

  1. I wish we can import files on iPad onto the Paperpile on iOS.

  2. I wish I can cite papers that are not in my library via Word extension, the same way we can do in the Google doc.

  3. I wish the Paperpile covers other languages especially Thai.


for 1. it is not technically possible. The way PaperPile does the import is by hi-jacking your chrome browser and parsing googlescholar page in the background. This step is needed for both the automatic download of the PDF and getting the bib info. This is also why PaperPile does not support safari.

A way around this requires finding a different way to access those information. But because of google’s anti-bot detection, you would need to unblock the client just like how you unblock your chrome after using PaperPile for a while, which requires a browser.

Why not have a folder on Google Drive (an “inbox”) that is automatically indexed by paperpile? Then one could upload files from iOS directly to that folder. Or allow emailing to Paperpile? (Both of these are long standing feature requests that could potentially address this limitation as well.)