Fetch PDFs from links in Google Scholar

Paperpile often does not automatically import PDFs even though Google scholar shows a link to a PDF of the paper right next to the search result. Wouldn’t it be possible to grab the paper from there?
Also, from within my university’s network, there is additional PDF links on Google scholar. It would be really handy if Paperpile could fetch the PDFs automatically via these links.

Hi Lukas,

I am currently working on improving import from Google Scholar. Maybe we can factor that in already for the next release.


We’ve just pushed an update including Andreas’ improvements for the Google Scholar import. Our importer should now be smarter about those links.


is there a way to reroute the pdf search via the library proxy rather than main google page?

Sure, Paperpile offers full EZProxy support.

Please, check out this blog post (includes a short video tutorial): https://paperpile.com/blog/paperpile-library-proxy-integration/

Or, our help pages: https://paperpile.com/help#guide-proxy

Hi Andreas,

I have the proxy installed and it works fine when I use the auto-update and auto-download but when I click “browse manually” and “search google”, it opens another tab and it doesn’t get rerouted via the library proxy. Hope this makes sense.

Thank you again.

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OK, I see. We will try to fix it with the next release of Paperpile.

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