Files multiplying in Google Drive

My paperpile PDFs are multiplying in Google Drive. I can’t tell if it is true in every case, but in many cases, I now have two or in some cases three or four of the same file in Google Drive, all created on the date when the PDF was uploaded to Paperpile, and all contained in the same Paperpile folder. I just deleted two out of three duplicates, but I deleted the wrong ones because the PDF is now missing in Paperpile. (The PDF link is still there but I get a “Something went wrong – could not open file” error message). This seems like a pretty serious problem.

I’ve contacted you via the in App messenger. It seems you are having a similar issue like here: Tip: Sync with GoodReader on iPad

Yes thanks for your reply. I was using a third-party app (Unclouded) to detect and delete duplicates in Google Drive, which might explain why the link breaks when a duplicate is deleted, but it does not explain how the duplicates got there in the first place. These are PDFs that were uploaded manually, and Paperpile has multiplied them for some reason.