Filter by journal

It is awesome that search by field was finally introduced! One feature missing is filter by journal, which comes in handy when thinking about the journals to submit. I hope this gets implemented some time, since the lack of feature currently means journals with similar names do come up when searching for a specific journal.

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Thanks for the request, @Ren! I’ve mentioned this to the team and have added it to our tracker for them to consider over future updates.

Please don´t hesitate to keep sharing any further requests or observations you might have while using the new web app — user feedback is crucial at this point to ensure we get everything up and running smoothly by the scheduled launch later this month. Cheers.

@Ren, the team would like to know how exactly you would like this feature to look like? Please be descriptive. Keep in mind you can click on any journal in the grid and it will filter, and you can quick lookup any journal with //. Let me know.

You could treat the sources as automatically generated labels. Instead of displaying them with the rest of the labels, the left column could have a collapsible “Sources” section under “Labels.” Then maybe you could search them or filter by type. For academic journals you’d probably need to cross-check some list to standardize, because journals can be abbreviated different ways. Sounds like a lot of work, but that would be a great feature.

Not sure if I’m missing anything, but filter on the right side does not cater to journals (e.g. Nature Human Behavior). I’d like to be able to look for journal-specific articles using “search a field” function in “search library” (e.g. “journals: Nature Human Behavior”).