Folder loading and search

The focus seems to have been on Word and Android integration for a while now, but though the web app is generally excellent there are a few things that have needed attention for a while. Top of the list for me is the folder search: if I try to assign a file to a folder with the F command, it takes almost 30 seconds to load the hierarchy on a Lenovo Chromebook Duet. That’s the only aspect of Paperpile that is slow. It’s particularly strange since the response is almost instantaneous on Android. I’ve been working around it, but in some situations that is very tedious and difficult. I believe a couple of years ago you said the folder system was going to be revamped. Will that happen any time soon?

We will have good news on this front soon - betas for an updated web app and extension are scheduled to roll out in the next two months and will bring improvements for folders and file management. Before that, though, we will collect feedback about relevant topics via surveys and share a roadmap of planned features, so stay tuned!