Folder management

I have commented a couple of times on folder management, but I thought i would update and organize my issues. This is currently the worst daily pain point for me in Paperpile.

  • There’s no good way of searching for a folder. If I use the “F” command and enter a partial name I see relevant folders; but that has real weaknesses: a) it is quite slow for my large tree: it takes ~8 seconds for the folder hierarchy to appear on a fast Windows computer, and ~20 seconds on a slower Chrome tablet; b) the results show the folders but not their location in the folder hierarchy. Often I can’t tell if it’s the folder I want because I can’t tell what branch it’s a part of.

  • Assigning items to folders is also awkward. Again it is quite slow (8-20 seconds). It’s ok once in a while, but not for frequent use. There is also no way of automatically assigning new items to a folder.

  • If I am looking in a folder, I can’t move up a level to its parent folder. That’s often important to identify related folders.

Oddly enough, some of these issues are handled much better in the Android app. The folder hierarchy appears much more quickly, and a search does locate a folder in its place within the hierarchy.

It seems to me that a very easy fix might be a command that would expand / contract the left-hand folder hierarchy. Then one could run a Chrome search to locate any part of a folder name and the surrounding branch.

Breadcrumbs would also help - a line at the top showing the current folder and its parent(s).

Or if whatever works so well in the Android version could be applied to the Chrome version, that would mostly solve it!

Thanks. This is a great program.

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Thanks for the feedback, Charles. This is a topic we intend to address in the near future as we prepare to make changes/improvements to the web-app. We cannot yet make specific timeline promises, but we’re nearing a point in our development which will allow for faster implementation of new features.

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Great, thanks!