Fonts, layout, and themes customizations

Is there a way or plans to be able to:
a) customize which fonts and the sizes?
b) options to display the list of papers in different layouts?

So far I did a few minor modifications using Chrome Extension called Stylish. It’s not ideal but I can at least make some modifications such as fonts, sizes, colors, etc. Unfortunately, the width of the paper list is adjusted by javascript based on the viewport width so CSS alone won’t do.

Thanks for the request and information, @snehesh, and welcome to our forum! No concrete plan for either of those features at the moment. The request for alternative / customizable library layouts has come up before so I’m adding your +1 to that topic on our tracker. Did you have any particular types of displays in mind?

Looks like font & size customization hadn’t been requested until now so I’m opening a new topic with that request. For now, I guess toggling the browser’s zoom would have a similar effect to modifying font size in case you need to enlarge / reduce text.

Thanks for the reply! The issue with using browser zoom is that all texts are affected the same way. The Stylish extension allows you to customize CSS so we can make some minor adjustments such as fonts and their sizes. I wish I could arrange the folders and the paper list in different formats other than the default list view.

List view is ok if you have a few papers. If you have hundreds there are other views that might better be suited or at least preferred by some users like me.