Footnotes in superscript (Google Docs)

The citations in my footnotes are constantly rendered as superscript. Is there a way to remedy it other that adding a space sign before each footnote?

Welcome to our forum, @Jakub_Sypianski! I am not getting the same behavior on my end. Actually, when inserting a footnote (both via the top menu and the keyboard shortcut) the cursor goes to the bottom of the page and a space is added automatically after the superscript number. Could you perhaps share a screen recording of what you’re seeing?


PS. I also replied to your queries via chat/email.

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I created a new file and I have the same problem. It’s not a minor issue for me, actually.

Thanks for the video. Quite puzzling! Over several attempts with different conditions, the team is not getting the same behavior either. Is there any other special formatting or detail you can provide for us to try to reproduce? If you could share the new file you created with us, that would be ideal since we’re not sure what the source of the issue could be.