Forcing a field into a citation

I’m trying to cite a piece of software and in the citation I want to include the URL. However, when I create my bibliography, the URL is not included in the citation for this software. Is there anyway I can force Paperpile to include the URL in this particular citation?


When you choose the citation style, there is a box to check which says, “Always include DOI and URL with the citation.” Choose that and the URL will show up. However, it will show up on all citations, not just one specific one.

Thanks for the reply. Actually, I had already done that, which is why I’m wondering why it’s not coming up. It’s happened in other entries in my bibliography, but not in all. I also have references to websites which I want to include dates of access and I have included those in Paperpile, but those are also not making their way into the bibliography.

Is this potentially a bug, or is there something else I’m not aware of?

Another issue that maybe related to this one is I want my bibliography to display full journal names. I have activated and filled in the ‘full journal’ field in all of my references. Upon refreshing my bibliography, the journal titles did change to their full versions except one and I can’t figure out why. It also failed to include the issue and page numbers.

In general, the appearance of citations are affected by three things:

  1. The metadata included in the citation.
  2. The type of reference.
  3. The Citation Style chosen and the way it uses the metadata field for each type of reference.

It sounds like the style you have chosen does not use the Full Journal field for some reference types. If you have some citations looking right and others wrong the best approach is to change the reference type or metadata. If you only want to make this change for a single document (and not in your library), you can go to Paperpile --> View all references in the Google Docs menu and edit the references there. Note, however, that if you do this, that citation will no longer be linked to your library and will no reflect any changes you make to the library copy.

It is also possible that the problematic citation has been unlinked by a previous edit and therefore the document-specific copy of the metadata does not have the Full Journal field which you added to the library copy.