Forcing sync? Changes in app not reflected in document

Sometimes I modify or even replace a citation in my document in the PP app, but when I go to add it again to the document it only sees the existing one in the document, not the new (or updated) one in PP. It seems this problem generally resolves itself over time, but it would be good if I could perhaps force PP to re-sync after a change?

OK. This seems to work:

  1. Format bibliography if you haven’t already.
  2. Click on the item in the bibliography to view the PP page with all in-document citations.
  3. Delete item there.
  4. Re-add the item. This time it will add it from your library.
  5. Reformat.

Hmm. Seems you have to be careful to delete and re-add the item. Otherwise you will get an error message.

There really needs to be a better workflow for fixing errors and reformatting. If you do it in document it doesn’t get saved to PP. If you do it in PP, it doesn’t always show properly in the document. This is very frustrating…

So if I have a citation with the author’s first and last name in reverse order and I fix it in the in-document Paperpile page, its still doesn’t update properly when reformatting. Only deleting and re-entering seems to work…

We’ll have close look at these issues. Please see my post from yesterday. The safest is no to only change in paperpile and the reformat. That should bring in the new data.