Format Guide for GigaScience is incorrect - Computer Software formatting

Here is the GigaScience Instructions to authors for refrerences:

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How to Format your references

For reference, here is the GigaScience preferred format for “computer programs”:

Software without persistent identifier but with version and identifier (URL)
SAMtools (2020). SAMtools (Version 1.1)

Software with persistent identifier
Piccolo S, Hill K, Suh E, Dayton J. (2019, November 15). srp33/ShinyLearner: Gigascience (Version 1). Zenodo.

The current GigaScience format for “computer programs” does not include “urls”, “date published”.“DOIs” or “version numbers” this results in rather useless references which are hilarioulsy short:

Example of current paperpile style:

30. Meshcheryakov G. conorm.

Example of properly formatted style:

30. Meshcheryakov G. (2021) conorm (Version 1.2.0)