Formatting citations removes bibliography

I am using the paperpile google docs extension to manage my papers. When I select ‘format citations’, it removes my entire bibliography. This is a new problem, and I’m completely unsure why it’s occuring. I’m a PC user using Google Chrome, and my paperpile is set to Harvard referencing format.

Welcome to our forum, @JGilb, and thanks for the report. Is this still the case? Is the bibliography perhaps appearing in another location of the document? If so, this happens when an element from the bibliography (even a single character) was copied to the main body of the text, which makes our tool think that’s where the reference list should start and wreak havoc on your paper.

The solution is to delete whatever was copied. If you can’t remember exactly what it was, you can copy the suspected section and ‘Paste without formatting’, replace any lost citations and then reformat to see if it worked.

Please let us know if this wasn’t the case, or if there’s anything else.

Hi Vincente, Found the second bibliography right in the middle of the paper. Thanks!

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