Formatting of Bibliography

I seem to be having trouble with the formatting of the bibliography in my Google Document. Regardless of how i set the spacing in the document (ie 1.15 distance between lines) the document automatically resizes the spaces to ‘Double Spacing’.

If i reformat, to single or 1.15, then refresh the citations as I add new ones in. The refresh process changes it back to double spacing. Its rather annoying.

Other than that, a big fan so far.

The citation style chosen determines the appropriate spacing for the bibliography and we apply that when formatting. If you wish to use a different spacing, the easiest way is to change the spacing just prior to submitting your paper.

my understanding is that the reason it keeps changing in the biblio, but does not in the body, is that you keep asking PP to update the biblio… Whereas once you create the paper, PP does not update every paragraph on an ongoing basis. So, for example, I changed my paras to single spaced, even tho the APA format uses double

I started a feature request to facilitate maintaining the desired line spacing when formatting citations: Line spacing adjustment