Formatting text in the "Add Comment" annotation - italic, bold, size, underline, strikethrough and color

I would like to add font formatting to the text in the annotation in the “Add Comment” window: italic, bold, size, underline, strike-through and color. I need the formatted text visible in the “Add Comment” window and for later in export. How is this done?


There is already limited markdown functionality implemented, you can e.g. use **bold** or _italics_.

Thank you for comments @andreas. I was needing more font options other than what is in markdown. Any possibility to make this a suggestion for a future feature? :slight_smile:

I’ll take that suggestion, Darren. I’ve added it to our internal tracker so Andreas and the team can consider it over future reviews. Thanks for the feedback!


I have a related comment. When I export a summary of annotations and notes, I don’t get line numbers/page numbers in markdown format. However, it is visible in rich text and pdfs.
Could you please allow that in markdown as well?


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Sure thing, Rahul - I’ve added your feedback to the topic on our tracker. The PDF viewer is due to receive some attention after we’ve updated the web app and extension.