"Forthcoming" in publication date


“Forthcoming” needs to be supported in the publication date. Many times I cite paper drafts that have been accepted for publication but don’t yet have a date.


I could not agree more. Actually we have the field "status’ to record the status of a publication ("submitted’ or "in press).

However, it’s unclear how this field is propagated to the final citation. I’ll talk to @andreas on Monday and discuss if there is a clean solution within the CSL framework.

For now a crude workaround would be to just put this in the volume or page field which will be shown in the citation.


It seems that this is supported by CSL, and we are happy to integrate it.


Hi, this is still an issue. Can you guys fix this please?


The solution to this is now to use curly braces within the date field. You can place any string within the curly braces such as {forthcoming} or {2018 (forthcoming)}.