GitHub sync creates duplicate bibtex entry

I enabled GitHub sync so that it automatically syncs the .bib file in my repository when a change is made. However I added a paper, and it synced the file as usually, but it used a citekey that already exists for another paper in that file.

Hi @S_D, thanks for reaching out, and welcome to the forum! Does the behavior persist if you delete the workflow, re-add it, and then restart the browser? If it does, a screen recording would be helpful for us to troubleshoot. You can share it here or via chat/email (

Hi @suzanne sorry but I changed the type of the respective paper to another type which solved the problem. But I think it is strange that it is even possible that the GitHub bot produces duplicate bibtex citekeys, as it produces that file itself

Thanks for raising this issue @S_D. Citekeys are hard coded on publications - and it can happen that there are duplicates currently. Adding custom citekeys is a planned feature for the future.